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Thai Body Message

Thai traditional body massage is a very popular treatment. It mainly focuses on joint circulation relief and acupressure, which help promote internal health and relieve various symptoms caused by muscle tension. The traditional Thai 


body massage is performed on the hands, fingers, elbows, knees, arms, and feet to follow the guests’ muscles and acupuncture points to pull, knead, bend, and twist, waiting for the action to stretch and soothe the guests’ bones and muscles, and promote blood circulation throughout the body. and neck symptoms such as discomfort; it can also help reduce stress, regulate the scalp, and improve blood circulation to the head and neck.


Head Massage

Deep head decompression massage is a flexible massage technique, technicians take care of your head with professional technique. Head massage can relieve mental tension, heavy heads, migraines, poor sleep quality, and stiff shoulders 


Lymphatic Detox Therapy

Lymphatic drainage is a physical whole-body therapy; this popular health massage has a strong medical foundation. Through the lymphatic drainage treatment, the technicians use their fingers and palms in a professional manner for the lymphatic flow and lymph node system, massage gently and rhythmically, and effectively remove excess water and toxins from the body, improve blood circulation, remove edema, accelerate metabolism, relieve varicose veins, enhance body resistance, and achieve the dual effects of prevention and treatment. This is very suitable for modern metropolis people who have irregular schedules and a long-term lack of exercise.


Scrapping Therapy

Scraping therapy is a Chinese folk remedy. Based on the theory of TCM dermatology, scraping equipment and a corresponding manipulation technique are used to repeatedly rub and scrape on the surface of the human skin to stimulate the meridians. It can cause localized skin congestion and ulceration and achieve the effects of ventilation and activating blood circulation, relaxing muscles and collaterals, reducing swelling and pain, and expelling wind and dehumidifying.



The foot pedicure care service mainly treats various eye diseases such as corn, onychomycosis, etc. through traditional methods such as trimming toenails, shaving feet, and foot cutting.



Shwe Mingalar Sauna Room uses high-purity distilled water. After high-temperature heating, it produces pure and pollution-free steam, which can promote the expansion of body pores, remove moisture from the body, and achieve good perspiration and detoxification effects. At the same time, it has certain curative effects on rheumatism, arthritis, low back pain, asthma, bronchitis, neurasthenia, etc. It provides a high level of recreation for busy metropolitans.


Traditional Chinese Body Massage

An ancient traditional Chinese body massage with a long history is mainly based on meridian acupoint massage. By stimulating the body's acupoints and meridians, it can relax muscles, eliminate fatigue, and regulate human body functions.


Regular Chinese body massage can relax your body and mind, rejuvenate, and help improve the body’s immunity. It is definitely the best choice for people living in the metropolis to relieve stress and eliminate fatigue.


Pricking Blood Therapy

Pricking blood therapy, also known as puncture therapy, is a traditional and ancient therapy that is an important part of practicing traditional acupuncture. Bloodletting therapy can effectively relieve chronic pain, detoxification, stasis, and swelling in specific parts by using a needle to pierce specific points of the disease.


Foot Reflexology

Reflexology has a history of more than 4000 years and is part of traditional Chinese medicine. The reflexology massage is based on the principle of stimulation. It massages and stimulates the reflex zones of the acupuncture points on the feet. Professional massage treatment at specific reflex points on the foot helps improve blood circulation and promote relaxation; the foot is the farthest part from the human heart, and many important meridians are connected to the foot. Through the meridian relay system, heat is transferred to the whole body, stimulating the vitality of the meridians and helping the blood flow smoothly, which can improve local blood circulation, expel cold, eliminate metabolism, promote metabolism, etc., to enhance the health of the body and relieve pain.


Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is a traditional ancient therapy that originated in China. It uses the canister as a tool to generate negative pressure in the canister by burning, heating, or pumping, and then adsorbs the canister on the skin at specific pain points or pressure points. The negative pressure in the tank helps to extract toxins from the body, soothe muscle soreness, and achieve therapeutic effects such as menstruation and collaterals, blood circulation, swelling, pain relief, and wind and dampness.


Ear Cleaning

In ancient times, it was part of the leisure and entertainment of the dignitaries, it’s different from general ear picking. In addition to cleaning the inside of the ear, ear picking also includes ancient ear acupuncture massage, lymphatic nerve activation, and other health care methods to care for the ear, relax, and relieve stress. Shwe Mingalar Health Care Center allows you to enjoy the comfort, balance, refreshment, and relaxation brought by ear picking in a comfortable and safe environment, and experience a fantastic ear picking journey.


Head, Back, Neck, Shoulder & Foot Massage

This professional massage is effective from the head to the toes, mainly for the four pressure zones of the head, neck, shoulders, and feet. Technicians use multiple techniques to release tension on the scalp, neck, shoulders, and feet. They first relieve the tension of the neck and shoulders by smoothing the scalp and performing deep tissue pressure point massage, then massage them along the muscle lines of the back, prick to activate the energy pathways of the human body, and finally use the reflexology of the feet to achieve the best results. Massage techniques can reduce fatigue and promote blood circulation throughout the body, which is a good choice for people who sit in the office for a long time.


Hot Stone Therapy

All the hot stones we use are volcanic basalts, carefully selected by quarry experts because they are rich in mineral elements and have good thermal insulation effects that are helpful to the human body. 


The therapists treated the ore with special treatment and placed it on the skin’s meridians of the human body. The earth’s energy source in the ore was continuously input into the body via the deep heat conduction method. Through the conduction of reflex points, it has the effect of stimulating and regulating muscle tissue and joints. In turn, it promotes blood circulation throughout the body, accelerates metabolism, and allows the body to relax completely.


Aroma body Therapeutics

Aroma body therapeutics is the use of natural essential oils extracted from plants that are absorbed by the body via the senses of smell and touch to achieve therapeutic function. Combining the power of touch and smell, massage effectively relaxes the body and mind, helps relieve tension and muscle soreness, improves blood circulation, helps cells expel toxins from the body, and makes the body respond to elasticity and vitality.


Moxibition Aijiu Therapy

Mugwort is a perennial herb. The leaves have antibacterial and antiviral effects and are mainly distributed in Asia and Europe. Moxibustion treatment originates from traditional Chinese medical practice. This ancient heat therapy is to burn special dry moxa sticks in certain parts of the body. By warming and rejuvenating the airflow in the body, the moisture in the body is expelled, the blood circulation is stimulated, immunity is improved,  tension in the neck, shoulders, waist, and headaches is relieved, and the effect of health care is achieved.


Chinese Foot Cleansing

Professional pedicure technicians with a wealth of experience for various foot diseases perform Chinese foot cleaning, removing the cuticle and rough dead skin cells, preserving the hard heel, and softening it so that the foot is fully maintained. 


Herbel Heat Treatmet

Herbal ball therapy, which originated in Thailand in the 15th century, wraps a variety of herbs in white cotton cloth and combines the herbs with warmth to enter the body through the skin, which can dilate the capillaries under the skin and improve blood flow. circulation, promote muscle nutrition and metabolism, reduce muscle tension, relieve pain, and regulate visceral function. enhance immunity; ease tension.


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